The Clueless Project

The Clueless Project

“I decided I need a complete makeover, except this time I’d makeover my soul. But what makes someone a better person? And then I realized, all my friends were really good in different ways.”

— Cher, 'Clueless'

My goal is to become a better person by the end of the summer, using the best and most abundant resources around: my friends. 

First, I’ll friend some friends who are willing to talk openly with me about their life and beliefs, and spend the better part of a day with me. 

Next, I’ll ask each of them to write down two positive adjectives to describe themselves, two things that give their lives meaning, and two things they aspire to do before they die.

Based on that initial feedback, together we’ll make a plan to spend a day together doing something that gives them meaning and talking about the big questions we humans share.

I'll write about it here, as a way to reflect, and with the hope you might learn, too. 

I know I won’t have all the answers by the time summer is up, but I do hope I will be a little less clueless.

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The Clueless Project consists of three essays from the summer of 2015.